JISCOS Best Paper Award 2022


The Journal of Interdisciplinary Socio-Economic and Community Study (JISCOS) is fully dedicated to encouraging community service as a means of translating research findings into a more empowered and prosperous society.

After considering all the papers included in the assessment and the scope of this journal, we are pleased to announce the winner of the JISCOS Best Paper 2022 for Volume 2 Number 2 with the title, "ACCELERATION OF ORGANIC VEGETABLES AS A LEADING PRODUCT OF SUBSIDY HOUSING THROUGH INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION," written by Sugeng Hadi Utomo, Santi Merlinda, Ermita Yusida, and Vika Annisa Qurrata. You can follow it up on prize delivery directly with our contact person (Anorty Ika Wijaya, +62 823-3022-4367).

Aside from that, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us get closer to the society we both want.


Best Regards,


Dwi Budi Santoso